How Salto helped NurseBuddy to fix the problems hindering the company’s growth

Nov 4

Case study

What to do if your company has run into a growth block and you cannot quite pinpoint which aspects of your sales process need to be fixed? Here’s how NurseBuddy, a Finnish company providing an efficient management tool for the home care loop, tackled the issue with a Salto growth expert. Their 8-month collaboration with sales expert Elor Pruvli, a founder of B2B Startup sales advisory, concluded in June 2021 and helped the company to nearly double their sales productivity. 

Let’s have a closer look at the collaboration process and the results.


Identifying the problem and finding the right expert

“We’d been trying to figure out what needed fixing in our sales for about a year but couldn’t quite get a hold of it, even after talking to some sales coaches,” says Simo Hännikkälä, the CEO & Co-Founder of NurseBuddy. “Maybe we were using the wrong methods or were trying to solve a slightly wrong problem.” 

He says that discovery calls with Salto team members revealed new dimensions of the issue they were facing by focusing on different aspects of sales. This helped him to clarify what the company was looking for.

After considering several experts in Salto Network and outside their own network, the choice fell on Elor Pruvli, who has 20+ years of sales experience and has been advising dozens of companies at various stages of growth.


Nursebuddy worked with Pruvli from November 2020 to June 2021, during which they had weekly meetings on various levels in the company. Some discussions only involved the expert and the CEO, others the expert, the CEO and the sales team lead. On other occasions, Pruvli talked individually to the sales team lead or individual sales reps to understand how they were working.

According to Hännikkälä, he was positively surprised about the expert’s attention to detail. “Elor likes to discuss things on a specific customer level, which helped to build the sales representatives’ confidence in and respect for him,” he says.  

“Elor has a wide understanding of different growth company sales models. We learned immensely about different aspects of sales during our collaboration. It’s impossible to list everything here.”


Assessing the impact

How to evaluate the outcome of collaboration with a growth expert? For NurseBuddy, it boils down to clear sales metrics, such as new revenue, revenue generated per sales rep, customer acquisition cost, and customer lifetime value. 

But also the general feeling of how things are progressing and whether the team is learning new things and getting help from the expert in adapting to new ways of working.

Some results of NurseBuddy’s collaboration with Salto growth expert:

  • The company now achieves the same sales results with a 3-member team as they used to with a 5-member team ‒ a nearly 50% increase in sales representatives’ productivity.
  • The expert’s external perspective allowed the team to identify and fix challenges in their pricing model.
  • They have increased their customer LTV/CAC ratio by a third ‒ from 3 to 4.


Was it worth the time and money?

“Was it worth the time and money? Definitely,” concludes NurseBuddy’s CEO and Co-founder Simo Hännikkälä.

“I really appreciated the feeling that Salto team devoted time and energy to find the right match between our company and unique challenge and the expert. It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach where the same solution is suggested to everyone,” he adds.  

“I'm an engineer, so I trust that my decisions are very rational. I believe we should not worry about tomorrow's problems but instead focus on what we need to solve today. When doing that, an experienced outsider can bring in fresh perspectives – they can point out gaps and opportunities that you’d miss on your own.”

The Startup

Simo Hännikkäla

CEO and Co-founder of NurseBuddy

Finnish company on a mission to improve the quality of home care by providing an efficient real-time communication platform for clients, families, carers, and care company managers.

The Expert

Elor Pruvli

Founder at

A sales advisor and an ex-Googler. His specialty is growing seed-stage B2B startups to over $10M ARR via predictable sales, helping them improve close rates by 2-3X and halving the sales cycle on $5-100K deals.