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How ATOM Mobility built a sales team and doubled their sales volumes with help from Salto

Aug 11

Case study

In every startup’s journey, there are moments when you face a challenge that will determine your future growth. Your options? Either test various solutions one by one and find the best one by trial and error which will take time. Or fast-track to success by enlisting help from an experienced expert who has faced similar situations before and can get you on the fast track to success.

That’s what fleet sharing tech startup ATOM Mobility did when they came to Salto with an urgent challenge. They needed to hire the company’s first salespeople and put in place a sales framework for the new hires. And do it fast in order not to miss out on growth opportunities.


The Startup    

Arthurs Burnins

CEO & founder of ATOM Mobility

The Riga-based company helps entrepreneurs to launch and run e-vehicle sharing platforms by providing all IT solutions needed for fleet sharing in just 20 days. Founded in 2018, its team has grown to 10 by today and is continuously growing.

The Expert

Lauris Lietavietis

Chief Sales and Partnerships Officer at Printify

Printify is a leading print-on-demand platform for customised merchandise. Lauris has formerly worked as EMEA Sales Director at Prezi and Head of Sales at Infogram. Read our interview with Lauris or enlist his help to tackle your sales challenges.

“When you start out as a company, you don’t know what’s important. You do everything and don’t have the time to focus on the important challenges. Bringing in an external expert is one way to fix this: to tackle the important challenge ahead of you and step up your company’s growth trajectory.” – Arthurs Burnins, CEO & founder of ATOM Mobility


To build a sales team and process ‒ fast

The problem faced by Arthurs Burnins, the CEO & founder of ATOM Mobility was one many founders can relate to. All sales until now had been done by Arthurs himself. However, going solo was no longer an option ‒ the surge in demand was not only taking a toll on Arthurs personally but also hindering the company’s ability to grow. 

Thus, the company badly needed a) additional salespeople on board b) a sales framework the new hires could adhere to. As a CEO, Arthurs knew every detail of the business and could answer any question from prospects but this was not to be realistically expected from sales managers. The company needed to define a process that the sales managers could use to present the product and its pricing, answer questions, etc. As well as figure out the sales team’s salary and bonuses system, among other things. So, ATOM Mobility hit up with Salto to tackle the challenge.


What was the process like?

After contacting Salto, Arthurs had a discovery call with a Salto team member, where he explained the challenge. As a next step, Salto proposed to him a shortlist of experts with relevant experience. As Arthurs was looking for someone with extensive expertise in SaaS sales in Europe, he picked out Lauris Lietavietis, who has successfully grown sales at Printify, Prezi and Infogram. 

During his first call with Lauris, a Salto team member was present to validate that both parties were on the same page regarding their goal and approach. After that, Arthurs continued collaborating with Lauris on a one-on-one basis. From start to finish, the process lasted from July to January in 3 stages.  


A newly hired sales team of 3 and doubled sales volumes

After ATOM Mobility’s collaboration with a Salto expert ended two months ago, the company went on a hiring spree. Today they have a team of 3 full-time account/sales managers and can handle 2-3 times more leads than previously. As a result, the company has doubled their sales volumes ‒ in the past 4 months they closed 2 times more deals than in the previous 4 months.

They have also established a clear structure for onboarding new sales team members ‒ a step-by-step guide which results in a short onboarding time. Their CEO is no longer directly involved in sales and can focus his attention on the team, product, and marketing aspects of the business where the next critical challenges for the company lie.

Looking back, ATOM Mobility deems the collaboration a success. Even so, they decided to come back to Salto to tackle their next challenge in scaling sales ‒ namely, ramping up the lead volume. This time, they are collaborating with marketing expert Alberto Di Risio to increase the number of leads through new marketing tactics, the results of the collaboration currently pending.


Was it worth the time and money?

Arthurs Burning, the CEO and founder of ATOM Mobility, admits that the initial decision to enlist help from Salto involved some hesitation. As a result, though, he is very content with the decision and finds the team should have sought to tackle the challenge even sooner to scale faster. He explains:

“Obviously we asked ourselves if we should take the risk with such unplanned expenses as the results were not guaranteed. The problem with this type of project is that you can only assess the impact retrospectively. When you involve experts from the side, you need to give them time and can figure out only later if it worked. 

In the end, we’re happy with the outcome and the advice we got from Lauris. The way we did and do sales now are two completely different approaches.

Our approach was to listen to the expert and do exactly what he says, without necessarily asking too many questions or trying to understand every detail. After all, he’s an expert and what he suggests has worked for him before so it might also work for us. If it's working, we can simplify it in the future. And if not, we can come back and figure out together how to resume.

When you start out as a company, you don’t know what’s important. You do everything and don’t have the time to focus on the important challenges. Bringing in an external expert is one way to fix this: to tackle the important challenge ahead of you and step up your company’s growth trajectory.”

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